End of Summer Recap

It has been several months since I've had time to update our website, and for good reason!

Telemetry3D has been going through continuous growth over the spring and summer of 2016. In the late spring we finished building two 12" Pegasus printers from MakerFarm. These have quickly become workhorses and the print quality off these new machines is even better than our i3v's.

We now operate five FDM 3D printers, and lately they have all been running around the clock fulfilling orders and contracts. We are already planning to add two more Pegasus printers in October if demand keeps pace.

We are learning, and improving our techniques on nearly a daily basis, which has helped us make and retain some fantastic clients. Our services have been contracted by the automotive industry, artists, entrepreneurs, and the general public.

Our prints get around! We've worked with clients from New York to San Diego and our prints have been used for several Kickstarter campaigns, Cosplay at DragonCon, the WMU Formula SAE, and much more.

During this last quarter of 2016 we plan to build two more 12" Pegasus printers and build a proper workshop. Our work space is very cramped right now, fitting 5 printers, 50 spools of filament, innumerable tools and other supplies into a tiny 80 Square Feet.

We are building a proper work space with more room and will include more rigorous environmental controls. The new work space will improve efficiency and consistency of our printing service beyond our current high standards.