Winged Victory Assembled

As we wait for our mold making supplies to arrive we became impatient and decided to fully assemble the Winged Victory.

We used superglue and we built some scaffolding out of boxes and duct-tape to hold pieces in place while they dried.

Overall I'm incredibly impressed with the result.


We've decided to print a smaller, 9" tall version to create molds for. The main reason boils down to cost. While I've done a lot of casting in silicone molds, I've never created any. Silicone can cost a pretty penny, particularly when creating larger molds. Essentially you have to imagine a box that fits around the object you want to mold, and then fill that box with silicone. As you can imagine because of the wings and overall height of this model the amount of empty volume to be occupied by the silicone is enormous.

Right now we are evaluating using a very thin layer of XTC 3D on these sculptures to give a polished marble appearance; more on that later.