Wiring up the Gankra

The Gankra is one of my favorite fantasy series pieces from the 3Dkitbash Boneheads collection.


We printed the Gankra out at 200% scale, 0.15mm layer height, using beige PLA. After printing it was on to sanding. We printed this piece prior to replacing our threaded rods with lead screws and in some places the layer lines were very apparent. So we took to our dremel and our sandpaper. During the sanding process we decided to fill in the cracks between the 2 head pieces with some sculpting clay we had laying around.

Wiring this up was relatively simple. I looked around my workshop at my available supplies; a few LED's, a 9volt battery, and some resistors. These were all from an old arduino project, hence the 9volt battery. A bit overkill but thats what we had laying around.

After putting together the circuit and testing to make sure I haven't completely forgotten the basics of circuitry we had to figure out how to actually install the LEDs. This was trickier than I anticipated. We had to drill a small hole into the eye sockets to place the LED and find a route for the wires without disrupting the surface of the Gankra. Having been printed in PLA at 15% infill it is somewhat fragile to drill applications. So increasingly larger and larger we drilled a hole in each eye socket that travels into the nasal passage. Once we got the hole just large enough to fit the LED we pushed the LED's into place from the inside of the nasal passages and into the eye sockets.

We used modeling clay to hide the wires in the Nasal Passage.

We used modeling clay to hide the wires in the Nasal Passage.


Now we are working to utilize a smaller power source that can be easily embedded into the print, as well as a switch mechanism to easily turn the leds on or off.