We started off with a single 3D printer when we began offering our 3D prototyping services in 2014. Over the past 3+ years we have honed our skills and grown our printing capacity by assembling, calibrating, and/or acquiring 13 additional printers. We continue to re-invest into our business and plan to acquire an SLS Nylon printer this Q4 2017 / Q1 2018.

We are focused on FAST, accurate, and affordable 3D printing for engineers, artists, and the general public.

In late 2015 we began working with the designers at 3DKitbash and Virtox to produce exclusive 3D printed artwork. When we saw the unique artwork offered by 3DKitbash we knew we had to collaborate. Their Boneheads series features designs inspired by real-life animal skulls, and in many cases include interior cavities, which is perfectly suited to FDM 3D printing.

Telemetry3D is run by Josh and Julie Osborne, a husband and wife team. Josh has his educational and career background in biochemistry and cellular therapy research (FACS, IHC), while Julie holds a masters in History and currently works as the curator at Yankee Air Museum. Our combined experiences and technical skills allow us to serve a diverse range of clients; from the rigorous needs of our industrial engineer clients to the detail fidelity and aesthetic needs of the more artistic oriented.


email: Josh@Telemetry3D.com



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